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Self-Published 2022 (In collaboration with Felicia Davin and KR Collins)

Aspen Silverglade used to be a force for good, but now she’s just a sword for hire. On the run from the people she once trusted most, she needs to keep her head down and keep moving.

But old habits are hard to quit. One night in a tavern, Aspen tries to save a woman from some unwanted attention. The woman, Charm Linville, is in the middle of a subtle and delicate act of thievery, and she does not appreciate Aspen blundering in.

The disastrous and public rescue-gone-wrong makes the townspeople think Aspen and Charm are a couple. This mistake sets Aspen’s bloodthirsty betrayers on Charm’s trail, tying the two of them together.

Even if Aspen can’t run from her past any longer, Charm shouldn’t have to suffer. Despite Aspen’s determination to work alone, Charm insists on helping—and she has a past of her own. The two of them don’t care for each other’s methods, but as they journey through the villages and wildernesses of Falland, solving problems and meeting magical friends and foes, Aspen and Charm grudgingly come to care for each other. Can these two guarded, stubborn women admit their feelings, or will Aspen’s enemies kill them first?

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Volume 3:
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Self-Published, 2021

Before Catherine's father died, she was his treasured daughter and the heir to his textile empire. Now she’s just her stepmother’s servant and a pawn to be married off. A ball at the castle might be just what she needs to take her mind off her upcoming marriage to a horrible wool merchant.

Prince Heinrich doesn’t want a wife, but as the only heir to the throne he knows he'll need to marry–even though he has no interest in romance or sex. When a mysterious woman at the ball in his honor is completely unimpressed by him, he’s intrigued. Could she be the partner he’s been looking for?

And when catastrophe strikes both their families, how can their arrangement hold together?

(Queerplatonic fantasy, lesbian F/ace M novella. 20k words)

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Born of Night

Skulls and Spells, Artemisia's Axe, Forthcoming 2022

A woman tries to escape her past, but sometimes duty doesn't let you go. A modern fury reclaims her roots.

Making Monsters: A Speculative and Classical Anthology, The Future Fire, 2018

An Oresteia retelling from the furies' point of view in an anthology of fiction, poetry, and scholarly work. (Mythological fantasy)

Ninestar Press, 2018

When Faris has to take a trip back to his family’s home in Lebanon to handle his grandmother’s estate, he finds himself caught between the world he left and the world he’s built himself in the United States. After an exhausting stay with his boisterous extended family, all he wants is a quiet trip home and a chance to rest before Thanksgiving with his parents in Massachusetts. But the weather has different plans for him.

Charlie’s father left when he was a toddler, and he’s never gotten a chance to connect with his paternal roots. A trip to the village his grandparents left in the 1930s gave him the facts but left him yearning for a connection he still didn’t feel.

When both men are stuck in Beirut for the night, can they find the feeling they’re both missing and make it home in time for Thanksgiving?

(bi M/bi M contemporary romance novelette 12k words)

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Ninestar Press, 2018

Sarai ran away from home to find a new life on the high seas. But when a storm destroys her ship and her life aboard it, she's stuck on land with only a days-long hole in her memory and the tattered clothes on her back. What could have happened beneath the sea? And can the strange new world she finds when she investigates help her save the world she left behind?

(F/F fantasy novella, 34k words)

Amazon Ninestar Press

Into the Mystic Volume Two, Ninestar Press, 2017. (Out of print)

Rosie’s new job as a letter carrier is much harder than she expected. The discovery of a haunted letter box certainly doesn’t make it any easier. For years, Olive has been waiting for the right person to talk to, and it seems Rosie might just be the one.

(F/F contemporary romance)